Sophisticated Tax Planning

We have extensive experience developing sophisticated estate plans for wealthy individuals and families. These plans are designed to reduce potential tax burdens within the context of your overall estate-planning objectives. We use sophisticated planning vehicles — including specialized trusts, family-limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and private charitable foundations — and tailor them to meet your specific needs.

Creating effective estate plans for high-net-worth, high income individuals many times requires the use of more sophisticated estate planning tools. Such tools often rely on two basic estate planning concepts: the use of valuation discounts and the leveraging of gift transfers. The use of these two estate planning concepts is particularly effective in the case of individuals whose net worth is concentrated, to a great extent, in privately held businesses such as real estate or closely held companies. Generally, the desire of such individuals is fourfold: (1) to continue to control their interests in such assets for as long as possible, (2) to enjoy the cash flow resulting from their assets, (3) to transfer assets eventually to their loved ones, and (4) to minimize estate taxes.

In addition, and if your annual exclusions are fully utilized, your exemption equivalents have been exhausted by both you and your spouse, and yet, having valued your assets, there is still substantial estate tax exposure, there are strategies that can prove very valuable. We have designed strategies that have helped families save significant amounts of money in potential transfer taxation.
The use of such vehicles, however, requires a close analysis of the facts and a thorough understanding of the law underlying such techniques. Accordingly, it is imperative that an individual contemplating the use of these types of structures work closely with one's professional advisers to ensure that the benefits that are offered by such structures are realized